KSB Board of Directors

Brad Newton, President
Thomas Williams, Vice President
Emily Garzolini, Treasurer
Michael Keran, Secretary
Stephanie Foote
Christine Irish
Liz Kaplan
Jonathan Miller
Robby Milner
Ruth Valencia

KSB Board Facts

    • Monthly Meetings – Date, time and location will be determined by the board members. Two hour maximum meeting time.
    • Term – 2 year; begin July 1.
    • Time Commitment – In addition to the 2 hour monthly meeting, board members will need to spend an additional 3 – 10 hours per month on KSB work.
    • Give & Get – The board will set an annual financial contribution that each board member will be required to give or find a donor/funder to give.
    • Working Board – KSB will operate as a volunteer organization with no paid staff.
    • Selection Process – Interested individuals fill out a board application followed by an interview.

KSB Board Responsibilities

    • Ensure effective funding, planning and implementation of the organization’s goals & programs
    • Protect the organization’s assets and provide proper financial oversight to include legal and ethical integrity
    • Build a competent board of directors and volunteer workforce; periodically review their performance
    • Enhance the organization’s public standing and garner support in the community