Keep Scottsdale Beautiful (KSB) is spearheading a project at the prestigious north intersection of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and Greenway-Hayden Loop (north Hayden Rd).

This project has a strong educational component, incorporates public art and will also promote a Keep Scottsdale Beautiful pillar – Beautify Public Places.

The project will have a significant impact on Scottsdale residents and visitors for generations to come.

The high-traffic, northern section of this intersection is an eyesore. It is clearly visible to 65,000 drivers that traverse Frank Lloyd Wright or Hayden Road every day. Each of the pilots and passengers of the 165,000+ planes that fly in and out of the Scottsdale airport looks down on this barren intersection. The 600,000+ people who attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament are exposed to it.

KSB is calling for visionary proposals from talented college students for a creative design that integrates commissioned public art and transforms this land and its surrounding spaces into a stunning masterpiece. Students will not only gain real-life experience, but they will be intellectually and creatively challenged as the site has many unique qualities and constraints.

For almost two years, KSB has been working behind the scenes to bring on the partners needed to ensure the project’s approval and success. KSB is proud of the collaboration that has occurred and will continue to occur with The Bureau of Reclamation, Central Arizona Project, City of Scottsdale, Scottsdale Public Art, and the Arizona Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects. All bring an expertise that will benefit the students as they interact with them throughout the design and implantation phases.

The students will stretch their knowledge and skills as they explore design elements that can sustain ingress/egress by heavy construction vehicles, serve as pedestrian walkways, enhance the look of right-of-way strips and canal berms, and embellish a water facility. Student-Teams are encouraged to emphasize sustainability, environmental protection, and durability while researching repurposed and/or recycled materials.

Once selected, the winning Student-Team will work alongside the Public Artist, selected by Scottsdale Public Art, to reimagine the space and create a final site plan. The Student-Team will be charged with creating and implementing design elements that are site-specific, from curb to canal berm on both sides of the intersection, and that create a cohesive look that compliment and highlight the public art component(s).

In addition, the Student-Team will gain experience as they help shepherd the project through the City of Scottsdale’s development approval process. These experiences are extremely rare and valuable opportunities for any student.

Student Competition Details and Requirements

Final submission documents due June 15, 2019.