binThe City of Scottsdale provides free use and collection of one mauve 90 or 200 gallon recycling bin per household.  Inside of these you may place plastic containers numbered one through seven, paper, cardboard, glass, and metals.

City of Scottsdale residents can properly dispose of electronics like computers , printers, phones, cameras, televisions and stereo equipment at the City’s free Electronics Recycling Days. Visit for more details and specific dates of this program.

Do you live outside of Scottsdale?  Find out recycling information for your city here: Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Surprise, Paradise Valley


It costs taxpayers more than $3 million every year to clean up litter along Arizona highways. There is an additional cost to the economy when businesses and tourists fail to return to our state because of a poor impression. You can help reduce the amount of trash on the roads by reporting litter you see tossed from cars.


Automotive Batteries
Automotive Fluids
Electronics Recycling
Brake Fluid
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